by creativejuiceswithice

This post, together with the three previous ones, just made me realize how plans are just plans. And what happens in actuality tend to curve away from the supposed destination.

<Preparation> My hands smell of garlic right now after mashing cloves of them for our little gathering tomorrow. With it and other key ingredients, I made a special Vietnamese sauce which our family has been wont to make for various Vietnamese dishes. As what my father always says, the key is the sauce. So, there’s no way it could be messed up, especially the one that I just made. Because tomorrow will be the first – and perhaps the last – time that some of my friends would get to taste a Vietnamese dish. I just couldn’t mess it up. Well, I’m done; and I think I prepared a really good sauce for tomorrow.

Preparations: they are very important. A soldier heading for war needs to be prepared if he were to stand a chance, just as a promising worker has to invest for his future retirement savings if he were to enjoy his last years on earth. Preparations help us get ready for whatever the future holds. Preparation means being equipped with torchlight before entering a deep, dangerous, dark cave. Preparation provides us with a sense of comfort, that even if we don’t know what the future holds, we are somewhat set. We know what to expect, more or less.

For days, I’ve been in an internal conflict regarding what career path to take. I’m an Econ graduate and supposed to be very inclined in banking, or marketing, or perhaps accounting. But my heart, as I just realized a week ago, might never accept a job related to those above. It’s just not my thing, ironically. But I’m not saying this just because there aren’t many offers even after I gave away copies of my resume during the Job Fair. They don’t want my credentials, and that’s fine because I barely have any! And again, I’m not saying that I’m not into corporate jobs as a sour graper. I’m speaking rather as a frustrated researcher or writer. The thing is jobs wanting writers want applicants with a lot more experience than what I have. My course gave me some serious writing training, but it’s not enough for me to compete with Journalism majors, for example.

And so, since I feel that I am of a light calibre, I decided last night to finally settle for a decision. Well, I always want to learn and discover new stuff so why not pursue another degree? This time, though, it will be an MS degree! Yes, still in Economics. Being an economist has never been a dream of mine. It’s some light years away from what I want to be. But then pursuing MS Economics might just be the most appropriate step towards my dream of becoming a writer. What I lack right now is enough credentials for people to actually read what I write. So I’ve actually started to be more serious in this field. I will keep on watching Fox News, CNN, BBC, and the like to increase my awareness in what’s going on around the world. These channels are also very nice to watch especially since I have a background on what they are talking about almost all the time. And that is Economics, the economics of everyday experiences and situations. Right after Graduation, I’ll be starting to review my past Econ courses as well so that come June, I’ll be ready to take yet another journey. When that day comes, I should be prepared. </Preparation>

Right now, I am a Research Analyst. And next year, my plan is to take on an MS degree, not in Economics, but in Environmental Science. Let’s just see where that plan goes.